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Water Damage in Miami: An Ongoing Problem Amidst Rising Sea Levels and Hurricane Storm Surges

Water Damage in Miami: An Ongoing Problem Amidst Rising Sea Levels and Hurricane Storm Surges

florida-keys-prepare-for-sea-level-riseJennifer Kay of the Associated Press reported in early July 2013 that Florida residents, particularly the ones in low-lying areas like Florida Keys, Miami, and most of Southern Florida, face a huge water problem due to the hurricanes that are expected to hit the area. Unfortunately, weather disturbances are not the only things to worry about. According to a tidal gauge, a sea level rise of nine inches has been recorded, which will further worsen the damage caused by floods.

The imminent danger from both scenarios has prompted authorities in Florida Keys to incorporate flood-fighting measures when they decided to build a new fire station. Kay reported that the ground floor of the fire station was built a foot and a half higher than federal standards. While new structures can be integrated with similar designs to make them less prone to floods, old structures are still vulnerable; the resulting water damage in Miami will thus require professional services to remedy.

Kay wrote that New York City recently cooked up a multibillion-dollar plan to build flood walls to impede rising sea levels. However, Higgins points out that doing something similar may not help much in Key West, as the city’s base is old coral reef that is already full of holes. Thus, residents will have to prepare for the possibility of floods in their area due to a storm or a hurricane, and when this happens, they can turn to trusted water damage restoration specialists like Water Damage LLC to salvage their properties.

Higgins claims that as of present time, the best way for the Keys and nearby areas like Coral Springs to adapt to rising sea levels is to prepare for them like they do for hurricanes. These steps include monitoring incoming disturbance, making adjustments to existing infrastructure if possible, and making residents aware of the threats. Using this information, homeowners can make some preparations themselves to prevent possible water damage in Coral Springs and Key West houses.

In the article, Joe Vietri of the Army Corps of Engineers’ National Planning Center of Expertise for Coastal Storm Damage Reduction emphasizes that it’s not too late to protect cities from the chances of extreme flooding. He says that municipalities still have a lot of time to plan for significant changes. However, until those plans come into fruition, locals can always rely on reputable water damage companies like Water Damage LLC for help.

Rising sea levels is an ongoing problem all over the United States. However, it’s even more alarming for Florida locals because when hurricane surges are thrown into the mix, the damage to property due to flooding may reach the extreme. The good news is they can turn to dependable water damage restoration professionals to restore their properties back to pre-loss condition.

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