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Not Just Hurricanes: The Human Error Factor in Miami Water Damage Repair Jobs

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Professional Mitigation of Water Damage in Miami: Preserving Homes and Protecting Health

In 2003, various federal, state, and local authorities in Miami, Florida, together with a number of environmental groups in the city, began taking steps to overhaul the canal system to control the flooding that often happens in the area. Frank Reddish, Dade County’s emergency management coordinator, said that the flooding was a result of Miami’s… Read more »

Water Damage in Miami: An Ongoing Problem Amidst Rising Sea Levels and Hurricane Storm Surges

Jennifer Kay of the Associated Press reported in early July 2013 that Florida residents, particularly the ones in low-lying areas like Florida Keys, Miami, and most of Southern Florida, face a huge water problem due to the hurricanes that are expected to hit the area. Unfortunately, weather disturbances are not the only things to worry… Read more »

How to Handle Floods, Insurance, and Water Damage in Miami

According to a news report in WSVN-TV, Miami-Dade County emergency officials prepared for possible floods by updating evacuation zones in the area. Initially, there were only three surge evacuation areas namely Zone A, B, and C; officials added Zones D and E to include areas farther west and inland that are near smaller bodies of… Read more »