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Professional Mitigation of Water Damage in Miami: Preserving Homes and Protecting Health

Professional Mitigation of Water Damage in Miami: Preserving Homes and Protecting Health

miami-tries-flood-prenventionIn 2003, various federal, state, and local authorities in Miami, Florida, together with a number of environmental groups in the city, began taking steps to overhaul the canal system to control the flooding that often happens in the area. Frank Reddish, Dade County’s emergency management coordinator, said that the flooding was a result of Miami’s sea-level topography and a canal system that cannot drain water out effectively. This is further exacerbated by the fact that, like many other cities in southeastern Florida, Miami receives a high amount of rainfall during the rainy season, and is in the path of strong hurricanes that also bring strong rains.

The frequent flooding in the city can leave disastrous effects on households. It not only leaves residents in danger of losing their homes to rotting, but it can also encourage disease-causing organisms, such as mosquitoes and mold, to breed. The mitigation of water damage in Miami, Florida is thus very important both to preserve properties and to protect the health of the residents.

The presence of various water systems around Miami and its surrounding areas, including the town of Davie, also adds to their susceptibility to flooding. In many cases, the floodwater is confined to roads and streets, but heavy floods have reached homes and commercial buildings as well. When this happens, the resulting water damage to properties can lead to the fast deterioration of the building’s foundations—particularly the parts made from wood.

The resulting moisture from floodwater can also wear down the caulking and plaster used on windows and brick walls. If not controlled in time, a home’s walls and posts can collapse, creating a safety hazard to residents and severely affecting the property’s value. Mosquitoes, mold, and mildew which all thrive in moist conditions, can also multiply fast after a flood.

Controlling water damage in Davie, FL and in Miami requires the services of professionals such as the people behind Water Damage LLC, who have the right equipment and know-how to do the job. Drying a property involves several processes: first, all excess water is removed; then powerful dryers and dehumidifiers are used to get rid of any remaining moisture in walls, floors, and ceilings. The place is then cleaned and sanitized with disinfectants.

Rains and hurricanes are uncontrollable. However, Miami residents still hope that the city authorities’ efforts to overhaul the canal system will minimize the instances of flooding. In the meantime, it is important for residents to recognize the value of the services of professional water damage control companies in preserving their homes and their health.

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