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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy set out below applies to the manner in which Water Damage LLC collects, uses, maintains and governs information provided by you, the user. It applies to the service[s] you contracted the service provider listed above.

Personal Information

We will collect personal information you, the user provides The information will be used by our team of professionals for the exclusive purpose of drawing up a contract to carry out restoration services on the property/ properties listed in the agreement drawn up between the user and

The information we collect will only be relevant to matters pertaining to the contract.

Additional Information

We may approach you for feedback or a testimonial with regards to our service. We will not display any personal information you provide us with for these purposes except your name; alternatively, you may choose to use a pseudonym for safety and security purposes.

Data Protection

All information you provide us is stored securely. We will not release or sell your information to marketing or sales companies. Your personnel information we hold will be used expressly for the purposes of drawing up a contract to restore your property/ properties. The information will be stored according to the data protection laws relevant to the state of South Florida.

You can send in a written request point to ascertain what information we have stored on our system. Your information is protected against unauthorized access, disclosure, or destruction. Only the professional[s] working on your contract will have access to information relevant to their role[s].

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Water Damage LLC holds the right to change this privacy policy in the future. You will be notified in writing in advance of the changes. You will have the opportunity to lodge objections or representations before the policy is changed. If you don’t present any objections by the due date, we will consider your silence as acceptance of our terms.