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Mold Remediation and Mitigation

We are certified in Mold Remediation by the IAQA and IICRC. Our water damage experts in South Florida have extensive experience in the drying of flood damaged properties. However, flood damage is not the only source of mold. Moisture, humidity and other sources of water damage and favorable conditions are conducive to the reproduction and spread of mold.

Mold growth in residential, business or commercial properties is not only bad for your family or employees’ health, but on your pockets and employees and the general public. Some forms of mold are pretty harmless but some are toxic. Below is a list of the sources of mold:

Causes of Mold

• Water or moisture indoors
• Incomplete drying of flooring materials
• Flooding
• Leaking ceilings or roofs
• Building maintenance problems
• Faulty Indoor plumbing
• Water pipes leaking behind walls
• Faulty air conditioning units

Mold Damage Reproduction

Mold reproduces through spores; air may carry spores and deposit them on moist surfaces where they grow and spread. In large quantities, mold is hazardous and causes allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Other forms of mold produce mycotoxins which pose health problems such as watery or itchy eyes, chronic cough, headaches, migraines, difficulty in breathing, rashes, tiredness, sinus issues, nasal blockage and persistent sneezing. Its severity is determined by the type of mold, concentration, severity and personal susceptibility.

Mold may grow without detection for extended periods of time. Even when moisture levels are insufficient to encourage growth, it might continue to reproduce or become dormant. The first signs of mold might be a musty smell which comes from the mold growing within building materials. By the time you spot the blotches in building materials, it is at an advanced stage.

Mold travels through and under building materials from one area to another so it is difficult to contain. By the time you spot it in one area, it might be symptomatic of a more complex outbreak.

Our water damage experts in South Florida offer a variety of mold remediation services which include viable and non-viable air sampling. The severity of the outbreak determines the type of engineering controls to contain the growth and remove it.

A Water Damage LLC personnel who is a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor certified pays your premises to perform a detailed assessment and to document a full scope of works. Water Damage LLC’s technicians will follow-up and implement the remediation works identified in the assessment.

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