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Fire Damage Restoration


If you have ever witnessed fire gutting a residential or commercial building, you are aware fire CAUSES property damage, financial loss, emotional and psychological trauma, injury, smoke inhalation or death. A small chimney fire, kitchen fire or a small electric spark can create substantial damage if it flares out of control. Smoke, a by product of fire, disperses throughout the building into adjacent rooms infiltrating building structures creating hidden damage, odors and posing a threat to you, your family and pets.

Fire damage on residential, business or commercial properties is often devastating and can leave them gutted, unusable and uninhabitable for extended periods of time. The devastation of a property gutted by fire is obvious. Tell tale signs such as partially collapsed structures, burnt out shells; charred bricks, soot, and water damage are further evidence of the destruction caused by fire damage.

The loss of accommodation or custom weighs on the pocket; it can lead to further financial loss and further deterioration to buildings and the contents such as domestic or business appliances and equipment.

Restoration of Fire Damaged Properties
If you have suffered fire damage to your property, it is essential you act NOW. During a fire, smoke penetrates building materials trapping soot and doors; when the property cools, the soot and odor are trapped. The deodorization of the property, soot and smoke are key components of the repair process.

Our fire damage experts have extensive experience in dealing with the tedious expensive recovery process. We understand the different types of fires and the resulting detrimental effects. This is why we are suitably placed to provide a fire damage cleaning service that prevents further damage. We will restore your business or residential properties, furniture, appliances and equipment to its pre-incident condition.

Fire experts encourage property owners to contact certified professional fire damage restoration specialists as the safest way to restore fire damaged property because of their training and extensive experience, knowledge and skills. That is why you should call us.

Water Damage LLC is here to help when you need us the most. The earlier our team of fire damage experts is on site, the faster we can secure your property and prevent further loss or damage to your residential or commercial property. Our fire damage experts carry out the following processes:

• Removal of smoke and soot
• Deep cleaning of buildings and furniture and appliances
• Odor removal
• Redecoration services
• Deodorization process
• Decontamination of building
• Fire Damage restoration
• Sealing of painted surfaces
• Controlled waste disposal
• Redecoration services
• Pat testing of electrical appliances

Contact us now and speak to our Water Damage LLC fire damage experts in South Florida. Take advantage of our 24 hour call out services. We are here for you!

Fires can burn at over 3,600° F. That is hot enough to melt metal! This type of heat can cause irreparable damage if not addressed promptly. When a fire is extinguished before a structure becomes a total loss, many are left wondering what now? Here is the answer: call in a special fire damage restoration team who can make things right.

Fire or smoke damage can be a devastating event. Let us help to make it as painless as possible. Our team of Emergency response technicians, Property Adjusters, and ReBuild Professionals will help you not only get your home back in order, but we can assist you in getting the maximum dollar from your Insurance company.

Though it seems simple, fire and smoke are complicated and you will need an expert to evaluate the situation. Smoke comes in four basic varieties. Wet Smoke is described as resulting from a low heat fire, dry Smoke results from a fast burning high temperature fire, protein smoke has an extreme pungent odor but is virtually invisible, and fuel oil soot smoke results from furnace currents. After you call in a fire damage restoration team, professionals will evaluate the smoke and fire damage. They will first target the type of smoke that has saturated your structure, which will help them determine the type of fire that has taken place and also to identify what type of restoration is needed. Many of these services are offered around the clock because there is no time to waste, so when disaster strikes, don’t let the crispy remains of your home weigh you down. Call a fire damage restoration team and save your home.