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Leak Detection

Leak Detection Services

Leakages will lead to water damage in your home. Therefore, if you want to avoid water damage, you have to avoid leakages. However, there are times when leakages cannot be easily detected. This is why you should have us to carry out leakage detection to know for sure that your plumbing system or roof is not leaking. When you allow small leakages to continue, the will lead you to big problems such as water damage and mold growth.

If you suspect that there is any leakage in your home, feel free to call us today. We can find any type of concealed leak in your property. We will;

  1. Detect leaks that are taking place behind walls
  2. Detect leaks under concrete slabs
  3. Find intrusion of water in your roof etc.

We have special equipment that we will use to detect leakage at any point in your home or commercial building. We can detect the scope of the leakage problem and come up with the most appropriate ways of carrying out repairs. When you have us inspecting your home, you can be sure that all leakage areas will be found. Solving leakage problems early is a wise move because it will not only help you prevent water damage but it will also help you prevent increased leakage. This will helps you save money in future. Talk to us if you need professional leakage detection.