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How to Handle Floods, Insurance, and Water Damage in Miami

How to Handle Floods, Insurance, and Water Damage in Miami

new-flood-zones-designated-in-Miami-dade-countyAccording to a news report in WSVN-TV, Miami-Dade County emergency officials prepared for possible floods by updating evacuation zones in the area. Initially, there were only three surge evacuation areas namely Zone A, B, and C; officials added Zones D and E to include areas farther west and inland that are near smaller bodies of water and thus could collect more water during a hurricane. If you live in a flood-risk area, it’s important for you to keep updated with warnings provided by emergency officials.

Emergency Management Director Curt Somerhoff was quoted saying “We want them [homeowners] to be informed of everywhere in the county there could be a storm surge, 18 inches of water over land, or greater.” If the weather will be especially bad, don’t hesitate to take shelter in the designated evacuation zones. Once the storm is over, make sure that your insurance papers are in order in case of severe water damage in Miami.

Per the Flood Disaster Protection Act (FDPA) of 1973, it’s mandatory to have flood insurance if you live in a flood risk area. The National Flood Insurance Program says that flood risk areas have a 1% greater chance of flooding in any given year; this means homes in these areas have a 26% chance of flooding before residents can pay off a 30-year mortgage from federally regulated lenders. Hence, the mandatory flood insurance by the federal government.

A standard flood insurance policy covers damage caused by floods but not other forms of water damage—e.g. broken pipes, ceiling leaks, etc. It might take a while before your insurance company can schedule your appointment; unfortunately, the longer you wait the more severe the damage so just take pictures of the property damage for documentation purposes. Meanwhile, you can look for reputable Boca Raton water damage restoration companies to fix the problem right away.

Some restoration companies are certified to handle any type of water damage caused by hurricanes and floods. Additionally, there are companies like Water Damage LLC that work with any type of insurance you have in order to get things done right away. These companies can even bill your insurance provider directly if the rehabilitation costs are part of your coverage.

The threat of flood is often in the horizon for residents who live in high-risk areas. For this reason, it’s important to take a proactive approach. Make it your business to know if there are signs of flash floods and go to designated evacuation areas if necessary. After the storm, make sure that everything is in order for your insurance and contact reliable restoration companies right away.

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