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How to Determine The Value of Your House For Insurance Purposes

How to Determine The Value of Your House For Insurance Purposes

Most of the real estate websites have easy to use house value estimators which you can use free of any charges. The basis of online house value estimating is quite simple. Various geographical areas have computerized databases that contain detailed information about the various houses in the area.

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The online house value estimators make use if these databases by scanning information in the databases from different sources which include both public databases and private databases. Once the user fills in and submits information regarding their home such as the size of the house (square meters or square footage), number of rooms in the house, the location of the house among others, the online estimator gives you an estimated market value of your house by comparing similar real estate properties within the same locality.

Such websites that allows you to get a rough estimate of how much your house is worth include:


Being one of the most popular real estate website since its launch in 2006, it is actually good when it comes to getting the job done. It contains a comprehensive database of all the homes on sale and on rent in the country. Once you submit information regarding your house such as the size, numbers of rooms and so forth, using its “what’s my home value” feature, Zillow calculates your home’s value. Zillow also provides a comprehensive list of other both similar and different real estate properties and for how much they are actually being sold. That means you can compare your house value to other similar properties if need be. Since the accuracy of the Zillow estimation varies by location depending on amount of the information available, Zillow allows you to check the accuracy of its estimation in your own locality against the actual sales

2. provides you with real estate listings, homes and apartments for sale, house for rent and other property records/listings, as well as real estate information regarding to your neighborhood.

Once you have filled in the information regarding your real estate property, uses the home value estimator to assess the realistic and fair market value of your house and gives you the most accurate information. No personal information or registration is required at

3. is a notably resourceful and interesting website to use.

You can get home value estimator, homes for sale and for rent, calculators such as mortgage calculator, property listings, and various knowledgeable articles among other things. uses its home value estimator tool which is absolutely free and easy to use and moreover, the user does not need to fill in and submit any personal information.


Being of the easiest website to navigate around, gives a unique way to do a rough estimation of your home value in only two steps using its home value estimator feature. You only need to fill in and submit both your email address and the address of the home and does the rest. A personalized estimate of your house is done through your email address. Apart from helping you determine your home value, gives you valuable information pertaining homes sales, home renting and property listings.

5.County Tax Records Website

This method of valuing your home rely on the fact all houses are individually assessed and examined by their respective counties each year for the county’s tax purposes

Using your county’s online tax assessment records, from your county’s websites, you can actually find out how much the county government, values your property. This is a straightforward and the easiest way to find out your home’s value. Based on this information, you can then estimate the realistic and fair market value of your house.

6. provides an excellent platform for your house or home appraisal.

As a user, allows to do free home valuation estimates on what you home is actually worth and get a report on the value of your home as well as giving you comparable property sales in the recent past and real estate prices.All this can be done using the home value estimator feature.

7. is quite simple to use for estimating the value of your home. All you need to do is sign up on the website and so as to get the estimate of your home using their home estimate feature. also allows to you find out about recent house sells, property listings as well as search house for rental and use their wide variety of online tools for free of charge.

Other websites that allow you to determine the fair market value if your house include and

Apart from using online home value estimator to determine the price of your house, it is important to note that it is always smart to seek professional assistance and guidance from an expert in the field although in most cases you will have to incur some charges when a professional does the house value evaluation for you.

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