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Fixing up the Water Damage in Miami Professional Schools

Fixing up the Water Damage in Miami Professional Schools

sculpture-theft-water-damage-cost-nevada-ballet-theatreThe Nevada Ballet Theatre Academy (NBT) in Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV, is experiencing hard times. The theft of two statues earlier this month has compounded the theatre’s woes of water damage, which was discovered during destructive testing last year. For the time being, three of the school’s studios have been closed, having been severely affected due to inadequate foundation waterproofing. (more…)

Recovering Priceless Memories with Miami Water Damage Specialists

uk-wales-mid-walesFire engines are supposed to be the cavalry that come to the rescue when a fire occurs. Their powerful hoses can make short work of flames that threaten to level a house or building and consume the precious assets within. However, there are some instances when the water exacerbates the damage. One such instance can be found in the preceding report by the BBC. In cases like these, Miami water damage specialists are needed to mitigate the water damage. (more…)

Miami Water Damage Repair Should Dry Your Home, Not Change It Inside Out


Eight years after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to New Orleans, a considerable portion of the city’s suburbs still lies dilapidated and abandoned. Many homes still retain marks of water damage from the great deluge wrought by the storm. However, as The Palm Beach Post’s Susan Salisbury reports, storms aren’t the only things that can create water damage in Miami. In fact, you need to be more concerned about the water from sources close to your home, namely plumbing. (more…)